CH Line
Compact Busbar System

The CH line stands out for its performances, it's quick installation and it's maximum flexibility in adapting to future plant development

CH line has Rated current form 800A up to 6300A 3P+N+PE. Feeder or plug-in lines with horizontal or vertical sections, straight or bent.

Very compact size, high short-circuit strength, low impedance, low voltage drop and good corrosion strength make the CH Line system suitable for installation in small spaces and difficult environments.

The CH Line has an IP 55 degree protection on cover and joint enclosure without any accessories (EN60529)

Speedy and easy installation due to the one bolt or six bolts, depend on the height, used to close each joint (torque: 70Nm)

This configuration minimizes the reactance. The high cross section of the active conductors reduces the ohmic resistance which contributes to have low impedance improving power loss and voltage drop along the line.

The CH Line Complies to IEC 61439-6 and CEI EN 61439-6.


- Version: Transport/Distribution
- Rated: 800A - 1000A -1250A - 1600A - 2000A - 2500A - 3200A - 4000A - 5000A - 6300A
- Conductors: Aluminium/Copper
- Length: from 600mm to 3000 mm.
- Joint: Mechanical from one bolt to six bolts
- Housing: Painted RAL 9002.
- Protection: IP55.
- Standards: CEI EN 61439-6, IEC 61439-6, B.T. 2014/35/UE.
- Accessories: Wide range of path accessories (power supplies, vertical and horizontal elbows, panel board/switchgear connection, etc.).


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