Light Busbar

BEShielding's Busbar are built in accordance with the product standards in force.

The systems are extremely simple and quick to install because the straight elements, power supplies and flexible joints are connected by means of quick-fit joints.

The plugs can be used under voltage and under load, avoiding downtime.

The equipment already installed can be removed and replaced and/or modified both quickly and easily.

This means that the busbar system is much more cost-effective than traditional cable systems.

The outer casing of the busbars is made from profiled aluminium that ensures strength, minimal weight, resistance to torsion, conductivity greater than any other metal, and a long life-span as it can adapt to any environmental conditions. Moreover, thanks to its cross-section and its electrical continuity, it also acts as a protective conductor (PE).

The electromagnetic emissions are very low compared to cable and busbar systems with casing made of sheet steel. Ideal for hospitals and data processing centres.

The systems are designed to operate at an ambient temperature of 40°C.

The CL Line can be used for powering lighting fixtures, floor turrets and small motive power utilities in stores and offices; and is suitable for installation in ceilings, walls and floating subfloors.


- 2 distinct power ratings 25A/40A, available in versions with 2, 4 and 6 conductors for single element and 2+2, 4+2, 4+4, 6+6 (only for 25A and 40A) for double elements. The 6-pole version has 2 conductors for data transmission, when required.
- The conductors are made of rigid copper with a purity of no less than 99.9%.
- In the straight element, the conductors are separated by a self-extinguishing polymer sheath.
- Quick-fit assembly and locking with screws which ensures the electrical continuity of the protective conductor (casing).
- The lighting fixtures can be mounted directly on the straight elements by means of appropriate support brackets.
- The entire SATIIDEA system ensures IP55 protection without the addition of accessories and is fire retardant in accordance with current legislation.


- The power supplies are provided with the respective line end closures.
- They are available in two versions: with joint (left) and without joint (right).
- The 25A power supplies are equipped with terminals for cables with cross-sections up to 6 mm2 while 40A power supplies come with terminals suitable for cables with a cross-section up to 16 mm2.
- For installations where the point of arrival of the power supply is near the centre of the electrified line, you can use intermediate power supplies that also help reduce the voltage drop at the end of the line.


Flexible joints can be used to change direction and/or bypass any obstacles along the trajectory of the line. Junctions with straight elements act like the head power supplies.


- The plugs are used for the power supply of lighting fixtures and small single-phase and three-phase utilities.
- They can be inserted/removed under voltage and under load.
- All the components are made of insulating polymer.
- The earth contact (PE) reaches the outer casing prior to insertion of the plug contacts on the conductors.
- Due to its construction, it is not possible to insert the plug incorrectly.


- Brackets are available for mounting the busbar on the wall, on the upper structure of the building directly or with chain/steel cables or under floating floors.
- The same brackets can be used for the suspension of lighting fixtures directly from the straight elements.


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