Medium Power Busbar

The CM Line busbar trunking systems are used in the industry sector, in the service sector and in warehouses that need an electrical distribution for medium and low voltage equipment.

The whole CM system ensures an IP55 degree of protection without any further accessories. All system parts are fire-retardant according to the regulations in force.


- Two versions: power transmission and distribution.
- 3-m busbars. The distribution version is equipped with 3 plugs.
- 6 different rated currents: 315A/400A/500A/630A/800A/1000A.
- 4 or 5 aluminium alloy conductors with the same cross section.
- In the straight element conductors are isolated in the air and separated by a self-extinguishing technopolymer strip holder.
- Single bolt joints absorb any conductor thermal expansion. Therefore, thermal expansion elements are not to be provided in the composition of the system.
- In case of vertical installation (rising mains), it is not necessary to provide bars with locking elements.


- Power supplies are supplied with the relevant end-of-line closing elements.
- Connection is as quick as in straight elements.
- They are available in two versions: with and without joint.
- 315A to 1000A power supplies are equipped with plates for clamps.
- For installations where the current entry is expected to be close to the centre of the energized line, intermediate power supplies can also be used. They also help reduce the voltage drop at the end of the line.


- For changes in direction, horizontal and vertical elbows are provided.
Panel board/switchgear connections:
- Specific elements for panel board/switchgear connections.


- Junction boxes are used to power loads for single-phase and threephase equipment.
- They can be inserted and removed when the busbar trunking system is live.
- All boxes and insulating parts are made of self-extinguishing plastic material, with the exception of the 250A/630A boxes, whose external part is made of metal.
- The junction box has been designed so that it cannot be inserted incorrectly.
- Boxes on the busbar trunking units are fitted with jaw-type contacts and, for higher loads, with junctions.
- Live parts cannot be accessed when the junction box door is open.


Brackets are available to mount the busbar trunking unit on walls, building ceilings directly or coupled with existing wall- or ceiling-mounted brackets or plates.
Brackets with and without spring suspensions are also available for vertical installation of busbar trunking units.


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