BEShielding busbar trunking units are manufactured in accordance with the applicable product standards.

Busbar trunking units are manufactured in three different versions according to use and amperage: CL, designed to power lighting devices (25A to 63A), CS for low voltage equipment (63A to 250A), CM for medium voltage equipment (315A to 1000A) and CH (800A to 6300A) used for power transmission or distribution to production systems.

In general, busbar trunking units, both for lighting and power loads distribution, are considerably easy to be installed, modified and maintained if compared to traditional methods: pipe/channel, wire/ cable, junction boxes, etc ....
System parts can be easily mounted with few and simple tools since straight elements, power supplies and flexible junction units are connected by means of quick coupling joints.
A modular distribution of busbar trunking units allows installing the lines without taking into account the final location of the equipment.

Plugs on straight elements, with a 0.5-m pitch, allow the user to choose the most suitable place where to install the tap-off plug.

Tap-off plugs can be inserted or removed from sockets even with the system live, avoiding production stops from other users.

Thanks to their simplicity feature, these busbar trunking systems are also easy to inspect and maintain periodically.

Unlike traditional systems (pipe and wire), busbar trunking units, after a more or less prolonged use, can be modified or completely disassembled, cleaned and reassembled, recovering and reusing all the previously installed materials.

Thanks to simple and low-weight joining parts, busbar trunking units require reduced installation time if compared with traditional methods (pipe/channel, wire/cable, junction boxes, etc.).

Busbar trunking systems are designed to prevent users from performing incorrect operations.

Possibility of having a source of electricity available at any point in the plant in a timely manner.

Choosing busbar trunking systems instead of traditional methods will result in an economic saving depending on the equipment to be powered. The competitiveness of the busbar trunking system will increase according to the increased number of equipment to be powered.

Busbar trunking systems are designed to work at an ambient temperature of 40 °C

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