CHS Line
Shielded Compact Busbar

BEShielding S.r.l., after an intense technical and experimental activity carried out on different types and sizes of busbar pipes, presents itself on the market with a complete range of compact shielded busbar system, characterized and innovative.

The reduced volume of flammable material of which it is composed, the low emission of magnetic fields, allow installations in ordinary environments, in environments at greater risk in case of fire and in places of public entertainment and entertainment.

Very small, suitable for transport and electrical distribution in various line configurations (3P + PE or 3P + N + PE) with current ratings from 800A to 6300A, with protection degree IP55, with its intrinsic characteristics, can be installed in the vicinity of particularly sensitive environments:
• Data Center.
• Transport infrastructure (airports, stations).
• Hospitals.
• Vertical chambers of palaces and skyscrapers.
• Commercial facilities, offices, research laboratories, clean rooms etc.


- Complies to IEC 61439-6 and CEI EN 61439-6.
- Rated current form 800A up to 6300A 3P+N+PE. Feeder or plug-in lines with horizontal or vertical sections, straight or bent.
- Very compact size, high short-circuit strength, low impedance, low voltage drop and good corrosion strength make CHS system suitable for installation in small spaces and difficult environments.
- IP 55 degree protection on cover and joint enclosure without any accessories (EN60529).
- Rated operational voltage up to 1000V at frequencies of 50/60 Hz.
- Busbars tin-plated throughout their length (by request, the conductor bars can be made by copper for straight elements and accessories).
- Each bar is wrapped with a polyester tape B-class (130°). F-class (155°) on request.
- The RAL 9002 pre-lacquered galvanized steel casing.
- Speedy and easy installation due to the one bolt or six bolts, depend on the height, used to close each joint (torque: 70Nm).
- The busbars are assembled sandwich-type with no supports.
- This configuration minimizes the reactance. The high cross section of the active conductors reduces the ohmic resistance which contributes to have low impedance improving power loss and voltage drop along the line.
- The busbar is supplied with an additional shielding inner lining to significantly reduce the emission of electromagnetic induction produced by the busbar of the busbar when it is running on current.
- In the plug-in version the three-meter sections have tap-off units on both narrow sides (140 mm).
- Tap-off units with disconnector and fuses or MCCB’s.
- Any section can be taken out without moving the adjacent ones. It’s possible to modify the path of the run anytime, which makes CHS a very flexible system.
- Excellent heat dissipation through the surface of the housing.
- Easily-installed suspension system that assures a high mechanical strength.


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