About Us

BEShielding s.r.l. is an Italian and international market leader in low frequency electromagnetic shielding. For over 15 years the company has been developing solutions and products for a specific field of application, products that solve problems related to the electromagnetic contamination generated by the power sources in electrical installations.

In the course of its activity, the BEShielding market presence has involved different company names and today BEShielding is a totally independent company and is steadily expanding its range of solutions and products for energy distribution and transport.

The company is currently organised in two operating sites. The first of these is located in Cascine Vica - Rivoli (Turin) and houses not only the corporate and administrative management but also the shielding sector engineering department which is, in turn, supported by a research and development laboratory that works in strict collaboration with other specialised external facilities.

On the other hand, the second site, in the province of Brescia, houses the Busbar division, which, together with its own associated company includes: product design, a dedicated test laboratory, an engineering office for BIM design (ref.: BIM Busbar Engineering) and, finally, the department where all BEShielding brand products are manufactured.

The brand name acronym — reduced to BES — has a precise meaning: B = Busbar E = Engineering S = Shielding

These three letters concentrate all the objectives of a company, which, thanks to its specific, cutting-edge know-how has acquired two international patents.

The first patent, in application for several years now, involves a highly-coupled passive shielding solution, mainly applied to junctions on underground high-voltage lines but which can also be effectively used in special applications (e.g. electrical distribution for furnaces used in glass manufacture). A second, more recent patent, highly unique at the international level, concerns a version of Shielded Busbar Trunking that can be used to produce industrial electrical systems which emit very little electromagnetic contamination to the surrounding area.

BEShielding s.r.l. offers various products, which, when dealing with problems of electromagnetic contamination, can also extend to engineering services and/or turnkey solutions that include design, installation and certification.

Comprehensive technical and commercial documentation that can be downloaded from the BEShielding website includes:

- Line of shielding plates - various types and dimensions

- Full range of conventional and shielded Busbar Trunking

- Shielding channel

- Products for shielding underground lines (underground ducts and jointing pits)

- Ad hoc shielding solutions for transformer substations

- Ad hoc shielding solutions for industrial machinery

- MAGIC software for environmental impact assessment

- Shielding or mitigation system design

- BIM design with dedicated in-house office

- Testing and Technical Reports