ELF Shielding

In all domestic and business environments there are electromagnetic fields which may occur naturally, as a consequence of light itself, or which may be artificially generated by the extensive presence of electrical plants and devices. In the twentieth century, environmental exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields has steadily increased as a result of a huge increase in energy demand, the continuing development of wireless technologies and because of changes in communication and work practices.

When people are exposed to electromagnetic fields their body absorbs energy. This causes an imbalance to the body’s natural equilibrium and, while the scientific and medical community is still looking for conclusive evidence, it is important to protect people from the possible long-term effects of electromagnetic fields.

Interest in electromagnetic pollution has increased in recent years as a result of extensive research and studies. Standards and technical documents have been drafted and specific laws approved to protect the environments most at risk, such as the work place. It is important therefore that the risk to human health be evaluated and measures taken to limit electromagnetic exposure in order to guarantee health and safety at work.

As well as possible effects on human health, electromagnetic fields can create disturbance and cause interference with electronic equipment. European legislation has therefore set limits to guarantee the adequate and safe performance of instruments.

As a result, the use of appropriate screening systems is essential in all industrial processes that involve high current intensity or the use of intense electric or magnetic fields. This is to protect both workers and electric equipment near to the field sources.

BEShielding offers a wide range of shielding solutions capable of mitigating magnetic fields at civilian and industrial frequency (up to kHz). All products are manufactured at the Latina (Italy) plant and come with a quality certificate issued by the Politecnico di Torino.

BEShielding is also able to provide all the necessary technical support from the designing to the implementing of the most appropriate shielding solutions.