Final Testing and Technical Report

At the end of constructing a shielding system, BEShielding S.r.l. is able to perform final testing of the same by direct measurement of the magnetic induction in the areas that have been protected. The source may be artificial, such as a winding powered by a set current, but in order to carry out actual testing one should refer to the actual source as the spatial distribution of the magnetic field may be very different. In case of installation of shielding for new installations it is therefore required to wait for the source to be installed and commissioned.

he measurements shall be made in compliance with IEC standards 106-27, EN 62110 that entail, in case of fields considered as non uniform, the level of the magnetic field in the point of interest to be measured at three heights: 0.5 m, 1.0 m and 1.5 m from the ground or from the floor level of the building.

Furthermore, the regulations call for the measurement to be conducted at a horizontal distance of 0.2 m from the surface, edge or wall near the power equipment or in a building.

BEShielding S.r.l. only uses certified instrumentation for testing with calibration effected every two years. BEShielding S.r.l. is able to carry out thorough testing with portable instrumentation (PMM8053 with EHP50C and EP330 probe) and monitoring over time with a self-powered fixed station with dataloggging function (AMB-8057).

At the end of the testing stage a technical report is prepared showing the comparison between the magnetic induction figures detected without and with the mitigation system.