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What is it for
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What is it for?

Magnetic field assessment with no need to make measurements, according to the laws in force (Ministerial Decree 29/05/2008)

The MAGIC® software allows the user to make by themselves the assessment of magnetic fields generated by system sources (power lines, MV/LV substations, industrial electrical systems, High and Medium Voltage overhead lines, joint holes etc.), in a simple and efficient manner, with no need for specific skills in electromagnetic fields regulations, with no need to use consultants. The calculation algorithms implemented in the MAGIC® software comply with the regulations in force (decree 29/05/2008 approving the calculation method for the measurement and assessment procedure of magnetic induction generated by power lines), and its results may therefore be used in environmental impact assessments.

Risk assessment (Law Decree 81/08) for the exposure to magnetic fields in the workplace

Law Decree 81/08 obliges companies to carry out the assessment of the risk due to exposure to magnetic fields. The assessment of magnetic fields may be carried out with measurements or via calculation algorithms. The MAGIC® Software allows the personnel of the company's internal engineering department to perform the assessment of the magnetic fields generated by its electrical devices and systems by themselves, with no need for measurements, and in compliance with the regulations.

Assessment of field levels in civil environments (Framework Law no. 36/01)

Framework Law no. 36/01 sets forth certain restrictions on population's exposure to magnetic fields (10 μT for prolonged stay areas, or 3μT for new installations). The MAGIC® Software makes it possible to assess the magnetic induction generated in civil environments by power lines, MV/LV transformation stations, overhead lines, plant engineering configurations.

Examples of analyses that may be carried out with the MAGIC® software:

• Analysis of the exposure to magnetic fields generated by underground power lines.
• Analysis of the exposure to magnetic fields generated by overhead lines (High Voltage pylons).
• Analysis of the exposure to magnetic fields generated by industrial electrical installations.
• Analysis of the exposure to magnetic fields generated by MV/LV substations.

Streamlining of electrical substations and installations with the aim of reducing emitted magnetic fields

In the design stage of an electrical installation or MV/LV substation, it is possible to make use of cost free measures for reducing magnetic fields (e.g.: transposing the phases of power lines, transposing the phases on two transformers side by side, etc.) and assessing the emitted magnetic fields, in order to achieve a configuration that often results in magnetic induction levels below law limits at no costs.

Who is it for?

Engineering Firms and Design Firms

The MAGIC® software makes it possible, for example, to assess in the design stage the levels of magnetic field that the power line, electrical substation or electrical installation will produce. It is for instance possible, in the design stage of the substation or installation, to assess various cable arrangements (RSTRST, RSTTSR, RRSSTT, etc.), or paths of power lines and ducts, in order to achieve a solution to even avoid having to use further magnetic field mitigation measures, thus leading to significant economic benefits.

Bodies that perform environmental impact assessments

The calculation algorithms used by the MAGIC® software comply with the law provisions in force on magnetic field assessment (decree 29/05/2008, approving the calculation method for the measurement and assessment procedure of the magnetic induction generated by power lines) and therefore produce valid results for the aims of assessment of the exposure limits for the population (Law no. 36/01) and the risk assessment in the workplace (Law Decree 81/08), in all cases where the magnetic field source is a low frequency electrical system (transformation substations, power lines, transformers, HV and MV overhead lines, joint holes etc.).

Engineering departments of private companies or public bodies

The use of the MAGIC® software does not require specific skills in electromagnetic fields. In this way an engineering department may perform independently magnetic field assessments, in a simple and cost-effective manner, without using consultants and measurements carried out by external personnel. In this way the engineering department may perform the assessment of the risks due to exposure to low frequency magnetic fields, in compliance with Law Decree 81/08. The engineering department may also independently assess whether a magnetic field source requires mitigation measures or not (e.g.: MV/LV substation next to offices, power line next to work areas etc.) The software is supplied with user guides and tutorials that provide the user with all the information required to start using the software.