Software Magic®

MAGIC® – Magnetic Induction Calculation is a software for calculating the magnetic fields generated by electrical type sources such as transformers, power line systems, MV/LV substations, joint holes, busbars, electrical systems.

MAGIC® is a tool for environmental impact analysis of magnetic fields and to establish the buffer zones for MV/LV power lines and substations, according to the provisions of Framework law no. 36/2001 (population's exposure to magnetic fields) and by Legislative Decree 81/08 (risk assessment in the workplace).

The software is aimed at design offices, engineering firms and professionals who perform environmental impact assessments. It is simple and user-friendly, and the inputs required for the assessment of a case study can be easily obtained from the floor plans and design data.

MAGIC® makes it possible to analyse:

Single sources (power lines, cables, multi-conductor systems, transformers) by two-dimensional and three-dimensional configurations by integrating the Biot-Savar law.

Complex systems, such as MV/LV electrical substations, taking into account the three-dimensionality of the sources, their actual position and the superposition of effects of the various substation components. Special attention has been paid to the modelling of components such as power transformers present in transformation stations.

The need for FAD (first approximation distance) assessment according to the requirements of decree 29/05/2008, which approved the calculation method for the measurement procedure and assessment of magnetic induction generated by power lines in compliance with the principles of the Framework Law 36/01 and Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8 July 2003, often requires to take into account the sources of magnetic field in question, their three-dimensionality and the effect produced by their combination (superposition of effects).

To address these needs BEShielding S.r.l., thanks to the experience acquired in many real applications, has developed the MAGIC® software.

Main features of the MAGIC® software

Simple user interface for rapidly displaying magnetic induction levels.
Calculation on points and graphical display on lines and surfaces.
Analyses two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures.
Analyses notable system engineering configurations: distribution, transport lines, electrical substations etc.
Parametric models
Widely tested by experts in the field.
Implementation of accurate models with special reference to power transformers.
Utmost compliance with the sector's regulations and standards.
Possibility to implement any three-dimensional source through an open environment.

The BEShielding S.r.l. team does not merely wish to sell a software but seeks to establish a network of specialists that may meet and discuss the issues associated with the environmental impact assessment of magnetic fields. MAGIC® will be periodically updated by entering new sources, also taking into account its users' feedbacks.